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    Default Sealing threshold to concrete on garage entry doors

    I am building a garage. I am ready to install the entry doors, I have 3. I need to know the best way to seal the threshold to the concrete floor. 2 enter directly to the garage and the 3rd will enter into a hair salon for my wife which we will be putting down some sort of finish flooring product not yet decided on. They all have aluminum thresholds. I live in South Dakota, the winters can get pretty cold. I don't know if that will make any difference. Have considered just silicone but I am wondering if there is a better product out there. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Sealing threshold to concrete on garage entry doors

    I'd toss silicone in the garbage where it belongs and go with a beutyl or elastomeric caulk, as these will have better adhesion, and if the time arises that the doors need to be replaced, you can reseal with more of the same, unlike silicone that won't stick to anything, including itself.

    Once installed, don't forget to squirt a little low-expansion foam insulation between the jamb and framing to seal up air leak/heat loss. Use it sparingly, as even the low expansion foam can distort door jambs enough to cause binding. Read the label and know what to expect in expansion so that you can lay the proper sized bead of foam.
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    Default Re: Sealing threshold to concrete on garage entry doors

    There is a product called tite-seal, it's like a foam with adhesive that fits under the threshold, if you don't like caulking.

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