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    Default Oil Paint finish will not apply on new Oak Treads

    Hi All,

    Recently I finished my new oak treads with an oil based finish. I was about to finish them off with a top coat when I noticed some uneven spots. So I set out to sand those spots so i could re-apply the oil based finish them apply the top coat.

    The problem is I cannot get the oil based finish to apply to these uneven areas. It is almost like the oak tread will not accept the paint any longer as I can literally wipe out any finish I apply.

    I used 60 grit then 100 grit sandpaper to sand off then smooth out the area i wanted to re-apply the finish to, but it is not working.

    Any thoughts?
    Am I not sanding enough?
    Should I apply something different to these areas to get the tread to accept the additional finish?

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    Default Re: Oil Paint finish will not apply on new Oak Treads

    I'm no tradesman but I have done my fair share of wood projects.

    My first thought was to first apply a pre-conditioner. However, ask your merchant if these treads are treated in any way. This may affect how your treads accept/refuse paint.

    Then give them this very same problem and ask THEM how to resolve. They can call the manufacturer (or, you could call them yourself).

    Hope this is a little helpful. I know. It's real frustrating.

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