Hi everyone...

I'm trying to have Cast-iron baseboard (baseray) install around my house. I need know, how much baseboard I need and what size boiler is good for me.

2nd floor::
- Master room (10ft by 11ft)
- Middle room (10ft by 9 ft)
- corner room (11ft by 9ft)
- Bathroom (5 ft by 8ft)
1st floor::
- Living room (22ft by 12 ft)
- dining room (14ft by 12ft)
- kitchen (not needed)
- small bath (3ft by 8ft)

I'm planning to place a decent wall-hung boiler, 2-zone system with indirect 40 gal tank.
if not wall-hung than regular would do...

it doesn't have to be a combo... separate will work as well... like it is right now.