We are new to the world of kitchen remodeling and need help!! We've read a lot on this and have learned much but still have some unanswered questions. Any info you can give will be appreciated. We have a 1920's bungalow and want to keep the aura of that. Walking into a "new kitchen store" or checking out web sites is kind of distressing as they are all so modern and sleek and big (not to mention costly) and not at all what we want. We want a simple, light, cottage look, reminiscent of the past.

Our kitchen is small, we will be keeping the stove and refrigeration (only 6 years old), there will be no expansions or tearing down of walls and for the most part the set up will be the same. We need new flooring, backsplash, sink, cosmetics and hopefully we can fit a dishwasher somewhere in there. Both counter space and cabinitry are minimal (no islands in this kitchen, ours is hardly bigger than an island now) but they need replacing. We have a closet which we plan to turn into an "old fashioned pantry" in fact, it may have been a pantry back when our house was first built. This is where the majority of our storage will be (food, pots and pans, mixer, etc.) All we want in here are sturdy shelves and beadboard backing. It's a good size but not big enough for counter or working.) We have been unable to find any pictures of an old fashioned pantry on the web that we can show to potential remodelers, can anyone direct us to a site that might have a good picture or two?

We are new to the area and therefore don't know who is good and who isn't. How does one go about finding an honest, reputable person to do this work (DIY'ers we are not, sorry to say.) And do we leave the workers in the house all day, alone? For a small job one of is always home, but it is unrealistic and also impossible for someone to be home all day long while the work is going on. We don't want them stealing us blind or getting too comfy. Angie's list - haven't had much luck in finding someone through this.

Were does the designer fit into all of this? Do we pay extra for a designer or is it part of the deal (assuming the designer and remodelers come from the same company)? And do we really need a designer (yeah, we probably do, lol.)?

About how long does it take for this kind of job? Haven't a clue if is a week, a month or 6 months.

And lastly, how much does something like this cost? Again, haven't a clue if it is $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000. Our wallets are running the show and they aren't real full. I know there is a lot of this and that involved in this but we don't know if what we want is at all within our budget.

So many questions!! Like I said we are new to this and really need to know where to start. Thanks!