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    Default brief stank smell from 2 faucets

    brief history: *well water (use salt for a water softener)
    *new pvc throughout house (house was in a fire, all plumbing replaced to main)
    *new water heater (hybrid) with anode rod changed for rotten egg smell
    *both hot/cold water affected
    *well was flushed with bleach for 4 hours prior to move in and after all plumbing was done.

    The smell is in the kitchen, main bathroom and 1st floor laundry(only laundry). Master bath unaffected.
    Both hot/cold water affected. Smell lasts 5-10 seconds returning about every 1/2 hour.
    The faucets in the kitchen (Delta) and bathroom (Glacier) are new and both have separate handles for hot/cold.
    Shower has single handle water control and is also new.
    Laundry has mini-vent for gas/odor control, brass fittings for water shut-off. No flex pipe.
    Kitchen and main bath have flex hose for supply to faucets (approx. 2 ft, white with copper ? threading twist) from
    the pvc supply.

    At first I thought it was the flex hose as the master bath has clear flex hose(looks like fish tank filter lines) and has no odor, however the laundry room hookup has no flex hose and still has an odor.

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    Default Re: brief stank smell from 2 faucets

    Consider a whole house odor water filter. One of the sources for your odor could be the water coming in.

    Can you identify the odor?

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