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    Default Wallpaper ceiling: skim coat or drywall over?

    We are stripping the wallpaper and repainting my daughter's room in our old 1890's house.
    The paper came of the plaster walls easy enough but they must have used some industrial-strength space age adhesive on the ceiling because no amount of scoring, soaking, peeling or scraping is bringing that stuff down anytime soon.

    The options I have gleaned are to A) glue and screw 1/4" drywall over the paper, effectively creating a new ceiling, or B) skim coat and texture the ceiling with plaster.

    Has anyone tried either? Pros or Cons of either approach?

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    Default Re: Wallpaper ceiling: skim coat or drywall over?

    I will choose drywall. Make sure you screw it to the joists.

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    Default Re: Wallpaper ceiling: skim coat or drywall over?

    Ditto the above, but with 1/4" on a ceiling I'd screw on 8" centers (that is between the joists too) as humidity may lead to drooping between the joists over time. Using 3/8" will save the extra step as it is much stiffer. Either way use coarse-thread screws for a better grip, and be sure they've long enough to hold in the wood beyond the plaster (2" is a good length). Plaster is nice if you have experience with it but drywall is better for DIY and cheaper with more contractors to choose from if you hire it out. Drywall is also an easier repair should that ever be needed.


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    Default Re: Wallpaper ceiling: skim coat or drywall over?

    we have never had much luck skimcoating wallpaper it always seems to lift in spots even though we couldn't get it to lift any other way. so I would say drywall I would use 1/2" though 1/4" is so flimsy it is a pain to put on the ceiling

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