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    Exclamation Smell from Radiators

    We got our radiators painted recently, and since the heat has started to kick on, there's a chemically smell that stings our eyes and noses. I don't think it is the paint, though, given that it doesn't smell in every room and seems to be stronger in the rooms where there is more vapor escaping from the vents in the radiators. There is also a haze that can be seen in the air. We've flushed the boiler a couple of times to no avail. KEK has been recommended by the local plumbing supply place, but we've heard that it might be damaging to the boiler seals. Not sure what to do, and something has to be done before winter really kicks in. The air quality when the heat is on is terrible, and we've got two small children. Please help!


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    From reading your post, I assume we're talking about a steam heat system, and that the cause is either the new rad paint job or sour boiler water; I don't have the answer. Was the smell present BEFORE you painted the rads????

    This would point to the boiler water, even though it was changed several times & a chemical cleaner was added.

    Does your water come from a well with a lot of minerals & calcium (hard water), or is it relatively mineral-free from a city reservoir (soft water) ??

    I think it's time to call in a heating tech to check it out.
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