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    Default Forced Hot Water Heat turned on and wood smell

    My husband and I bought a fixer upper. We installed new hardwood flooring in our great room. I just turned on the heat and it smells like wood burning. We have force hot water heating with the vents along the wall.
    Is it possible the smell is from the new floor being too close to the pipes?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Forced Hot Water Heat turned on and wood smell

    Was there any odor before the floors were installed ?

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    Default Re: Forced Hot Water Heat turned on and wood smell

    What type of water heater is it?

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    Default Re: Forced Hot Water Heat turned on and wood smell


    Forced hot water heat is generally run thru metal baseboard registers that are designed to be in close proximity to flooring---the heated water can vary from 120 degrees up to 200 degrees, depending on the settings at the boiler, but this is nowhere near the high-enough temps to set wood to burning.

    Try using the heat once or twice more, if you still get a burning smell, it may be simply the new hardwood finish "curing", especially if you happen to have painted a fresh coat diy finish of polyurethane on the new hardwood---if so, it will take a while to cure---or you may have accidentally coated a small portion of the supply/return piping with the polyurethane.

    If the smell doesn't go away, call in your heating technician (Yellow Pages, "Heating Contractors") to check it out----the HC can do a simple adjustment at the boiler's aquastat to lower the temp of the heated water coursing thru the baseboard/convectors (usually 160 degrees to 200 degrees) down to 130 degrees to 160 degrees as one possible solution---this will simply lengthen the time of the heating cycle & still comfortably heat the home.
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