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I like the idea of a re-wire, not so much that it's really needed, but as with it you will be somewhat safer and you can add more outlets.
You may have heard of the "six foot rule" which is often interpreted to mean that outlets can't be more than six feet apart. This is a misunderstanding of the rule.

The rule actually says something like "no part of usable wall space shall be more than 6 feet from an outlet." That means that on a long wall, outlets can be up to 12 feet apart. However, the outlet has to be within 6 feet of a doorway. And walls can turn corners, so if there's an outlet 4 feet from the corner, the outlet on the other wall can be 8 feet from the corner (since 2 feet from the corner is within 6 linear feet from the outlet on the first wall). However, keep in mind that the fixed portion of a sliding or french door is considered usable wall space, so if you've got a 6' sliding patio door, you must have an outlet within 3 feet of the jamb on the fixed side.

But what's considered "usable wall space?" Somebody more familiar with the codes will have to answer that.

As it stands, considering today's typical demands for electricity, the code minimum is not enough outlets. You could double it and turn it into a 3 foot rule (no point along wall more than 3 feet from an outlet) for 6 foot spacing, but I think I'd lean toward putting 4-plex outlets in key areas like bedside stands, desks, and catch-all nooks.