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thanks dj1--got some estimates on the panel because its one of those that some say might overheat---was wondering whether needed to budget for any future electric expenses on 33 year old house--seems like the wiring is fine... thanks for your input dj1.
Really ? A 1980 house should be pretty modern in code . . . I had a 1973 Calif House with something like 100a service for electric oven & cooktop, electric cothes dryer and Romex-type wiring. It was fine except that the wiring scheme wasn't the best - 2 BR's on 1-circuit, and 1 circuit for the MBR & Master bath (no 1875w hair dryer). It became a problem when I considered Mini-Split AC and did an addition - - when I was told I had to pay for trenching for a larger service line, the contractor tapped a gas supply for clothes dryer for $600 and I bought a new gas dryer (replacing a 8-10 years old electric one) and "freed" up a 30a/208 circuit for other loads. I just had the guy replace the original breakers for good measue.