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    Default Water Pipe Hum & Pressure

    I have two issues with my water which may have one cause.
    1. After taking a shower and immediately after turning off the water, the hot water pipe will begin to hum. The humming will continue for several seconds, then taper off. One time when it occurred, I grabbed the hot water pipe coming out of the water heater and could feel it vibrating. The sound seems to come from under the house. We have a crawl space and the water lines travel there.
    This has been happening for a couple of years. I installed a new water heater a few months ago, but the humming still occurs.
    I have thought about going under the house, insulating the pipes, and changing the way they are connected to the floor joists.
    2. Also, sometimes the water pulses as it comes out of the faucet. It is not a steady consistent stream, but a pulsing of stronger flow/weaker flow, probably fluctuating in one second intervals.
    We are on city water and a couple of years ago they put in a larger water line at the street and halfway to the house. I don't remember having these problems before the larger, newer lines were installed, but it may be unrelated to that.
    Dennis Powell

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    Default Re: Water Pipe Hum & Pressure

    1. Do what you are planning to do and see if the situation improves.

    2. Have your pressure reducing valve checked. Make sure it's installed correctly (look at the stamped arrows for the water flow direction).

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