Our beautiful 1907 fairytale style bungalow with curved roof edges was re-roofed with cedar shakes in 2006, the year before we bought it. Our insurance company, without permission or notification, sent out a layperson to take photos of our home. Our agent assured me it was a routine matter, not to worry. I just received a letter saying we must replace our roof by December 1, or they will cancel our insurance. Ive been told cedar roofs should last 18 to 50 years. I would like to make a case for proper inspection of the roof to determine its actual condition with an eye toward restoring/or repairing, rather than replacement. There have been no leaks or indications that the roof needs fixing in the main part of the house. A leak around the vent flashing in a small 1950s add on kitchen developed recently after a very large rainstorm. We had a contractor friend inspect the damage there and in the attic of the main part of the house to see if there was any more indication of trouble- all looked fine. We are small business owners impacted by the recession, and cannot afford the cost of roof replacement.