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    Default pitted garage floor

    I understand there are solutions like skimming the surface of a floor and I suspect that over the past decade there are newer products that may lend itself to a durable new finish when done correctly..........but, are there any downsides or does anyone know of a very durable topping that can be used OR is it a waste of money for the life one might get out of it when maybe the only real solution is to replace the floor. I suspect there are some great people out there who have had experience dealing with pitted concrete floors that can provide some good solutions and advice. Maybe TOH has done a complete article on it although I have not been able to find one. Your feed back will be greatly appreicated and by the way......I think the This Old House Magazine is one of the best magazines that have come out in a long, long time! Good stuff.

    Dave Doran

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    Wink Re: pitted garage floor

    How bad are the pits? Are they just sand holes from the concrete finish or are they from items being dropped on the floor? There are a number of floor coverings on the market (you would have to read the projected life expectancy on the package) that could serve your purpose. Again, depending on the severity of the pits. I would do some shopping comparing products and their claims vs the cost of a new concrete floor. The cosmetic application you can do yourself, the new floor requires professionals. Hope this helps.


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