Our dining room has five curved glass windows which are trimmed with curved window sills and trim. The baseboard is also curved to fit the curved walls.

We would like to replace the trim in this room as there is lead paint under the oil paint we used back when we bought the house in 1986. The paint has begun to chip and crack here and there. We are thinking that it may be easier to replace the trim than to have the room deleaded.

We have no children living here so that is not an issue.

Have any of you dealt with a situation like this one? Would anyone know where we might be able to buy the curved trim pieces we need? My husband has made replacement trim for the rest of the house that matches the original style.
We are just stymied as to how we curve the trim to fit or produce trim that is already curved.

The windows themselves just have to stay as they are as the glass is fragile and expensive to replace.

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas,