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    Default where to find a drain for this old tub

    I want to use the old tub in renovated bath. The existing drain has inside diameter of 2 1/2 inches an inset place for the flange outer diameter 3 3/8, plumber said I can use 3 3/4, and tub is 1 1/2 inches thick, old porcelain tub. Does anyone know where I can find a drain for this?

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    Default Re: where to find a drain for this old tub

    edgym -

    Didn't totally understand your discription. And I'm not a plumber. But I do know some stuff...

    You wish to: "use the old tub in renovated bath. The existing drain has inside diameter of 2 1/2 inches..."

    And now your looking for a drain... Why not use the existing drain as well??

    Take the entire setup for the tub - and put it into the new plumbing. A compression sleeve, or a rubber plug;(don't know the proper name - they have a hole which you put the pipe into; and then pound the plug into the pipe your joining - it's a tight fit type of thing...) or one of those rubber things to join cast iron to plastic - wouldn't something like that work?

    Also - not quite sure where you live. Here in Seattle, we have a local owned, Hardware Store called McLendon's. Been around for a Long time. Still family owned. They also have a lot of odd items, including the stuff I described above. And frankly - they might just have the drain your looking for...

    Nice group of people. You can get a phone# to call them at, by visiting their website.

    They might not have the drain. But they have good advice. They obviously won't have the drain on their website... so give them a call and ask for the plumbing dept. The Renton store is their Main store. But the White Center store is cool, and a little bit more of a hole in the wall. (But recently the plumber who was at the White Center stored died - so the plumbing level of expertise has gone down somewhat...)

    Here in Seattle, McLendon's has a reputation of having odd ball parts. They hardly ever throw anything away. So, they're worth a shot. And they give good info. And I DON'T work for McLendon's.!!

    Good Luck.

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