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    Default Cover old shed roof?

    We have an old house in Florida that has an old 10' x 14' shed built of cypress. The structure is solid but the roof is terrible. It's the old tar and gravel type that's been tar patched many times. I'm wondering if there's a way to cover this with something better without the work and mess of removing the old roof.

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    Default Re: Cover old shed roof?

    The right way is always the best way, and that will be to strip it down to the deck, repair any damage, then install a new roof.
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    Default Re: Cover old shed roof?

    About 10 years ago I had a job like this. The house had not 1 layer of rock roof, but two. What a mess.

    Anyway, we removed the two roofs, had a lot of cleaning to do, worked on the deck (replaced worn out water damaged plywood), beefed up a couple of rafters and did a complete roof job. Never had a call back.

    Listen to spruce, even on a tiny job like an old shed - do it right the first time.

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