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    Default Mold behind shower walls

    I have mold growing behind the tiled walls of my master bath.There is about a 8 inch space along the wall behind the tile and the sheet rock on the wall behind the closet in the next room.The mold is on the sheet rock. Is there a way to kill the mold with out tearing out all the wall in the closet. The shower head was leaking in the wall after I had my house re plumbed. I called the plumber several times, but he never called back. Live and learn about who you do business with.

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    Default Re: Mold behind shower walls

    If the mold is in the wall cavity, and the backside of the shower wall is in a closet, then pull the drywall in the closet to access the mold. Treat it with a bleach solution, allow it to fully dry, correct any plumbing issues, then install new drywall. The fact that this repair is in a closet means that it's the perfect place to learn and practice your drywall skills.
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    Default Re: Mold behind shower walls

    I'm with A Spruce but I'd also make an access panel in the closet to get to the faucet from behind, for it will eventually need service and having access there is a lot easier than going through the tub wall. Before I sewed up the opening, I'd remove the shower head and cap that pipe, then turn on the shower and check for any leaks so that this problem doesn't recur. Also check the wall plate under the faucet for rot as water will have dripped down there.


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    Default Re: Mold behind shower walls

    If it's been leaking for some time and the tile is on just drywall there is a good chance it will have to be replaced. If that is the case then use duro-rock to replace it.

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