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    Default painting closet interior

    What finish would you reccomend to paint the inside of a bedroom closet? The room is a pale yellow with white trim. I am planning on staining the shelves, and painting the walls white.

    Can I use flat white I have left over from painting the ceiling?

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    Default Re: painting closet interior

    You can do anything you want to the closet, particularly if it's got doors on it.

    Flat paint is what is normally used for interiors, so there's no reason not to use it in the closet. The only minor thing is that if this is "ceiling" paint, it will be a dark gray/white. That doesn't really matter, it just isn't going to reflect as much light as a blue or red tone white will.
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    Default Re: painting closet interior


    I personally like to use white for closets rather than matching the walls in the adjoining room. White alleviates the need to repaint a closet just because the decor of the room is changed. I also like a higher sheen paint for its increased scuff resistance and washability. Closet walls are constantly being scuffed by hangers and boxes etc., which are stored on the shelves.

    Spruce is correct. Many paints that are called "white" on the label actually already have considerable tint in them, usually raw umber or lamp black. These will look absolutely gray next to a pastel yellow. You might want to continue with the shade of white and or sheen you used on the woodwork in the room.

    Spruce and jkirk are correct, ceiling paint would be inappropriate for your closet walls.

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    Default Re: painting closet interior

    I just wanted to throw my opinion out there. I'm typically a do it right person but in this case I would honestly just use the ceiling paint for the closet as long and there will be enough.

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