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    Default Glue on walls; possibly lead paint too

    My house was built in 1916; most of the wood (if not all) was brought to southeast Alaska from washington. The floors, ceiling, and walls are all wood (doug fir). My problem is with the walls. Sometime around the 60s, someone put faux wood panelling over ALL of the walls. There was some sort of glue squirted on the walls, and the panelling was then applied. I love the walls under the panelling, but I don't know how to get the glue off. Also, I suspect that the paint on the walls is lead paint. has anyone dealt with a similar problem? Is there any way I can salvage these otherwise beautiful walls? It looks like a nightmare to deal with, but the panelling is hideous, so I have to do something! I want to remove both the glue AND the paint, or at least the glue...
    (I am trying to post a picture, but I'm having serious issues!)

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    Default Re: Glue on walls; possibly lead paint too

    Stripping the wood would be an incredible amount of labor, without any guarantee that it could be cleaned good enough to look good as natural wood. Pigment will get stuck in the grooves and graining.

    It sounds like consruction adhesive from a caulking gun was used to adhere the paneling. A heat gun will soften most mastics to where the majority can be sc****d off without damageing the paint. The remaining mastic should dissolve with a petroleum based solvent.

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