We have a finished basement with a tile floor. We put some cork floor down that we got free from a friend. It was great, because the tile floor is always cold, and we wanted the room to be a playroom for our kids. The cork floor felt warm, and made a great floor.

The problem is, the basement isn't completely dry. During a heavy rain we'll get a small amount of water on the floor next to the wall. The puddle seldom extends more than a foot from the wall. But it got the cork floor wet, which got moldy, so we ripped it up and threw it out. So now we are back to the cold tile floor.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what we can put down for flooring to make it an inviting floor to play on? It has to be able to withstand a tiny amount of water without getting ruined or moldy. And I'd really like it if I didn't have to tear it up to let it dry out if it gets wet.

I realize the best course of action is to fix the water problem first, and then install a floor, but because of expense, that really isn't an option. If I were going to grow old in this house I'd consider it, but I will only be here another 2 or 3 years.

Thanks for any suggestions.