Please help! I am having problems with my kilz primer not sticking to the wall very well - it gets balled up and gunky. If I go over a spot twice, it will take off the primer in one spot and drag it, creating (very) mini grand canyons.

The current paint is not peeling, but I noticed that little chips will easily pull off the wall if i put painter's tape on it and pull it off. From where the chips have pulled away, it almost seems like it's straight drywall. Could that be part of the problem? (We bought the house about a year ago, so I don't know all of its painting history.)

*I am 99% sure that the current paint on the wall is latex.
Also, I don't think that the primer is bad because I completed a project earlier in the day with the same primer and had no problems.*

I would appreciate any insight or tips that you have.

Thank you!
Atlanta, GA