I'm refinishing a old (1942) dresser & need some help with the paint finish.

I want to use an enamel paint on it (Rust-olem) for the durability & smooth shiny finish. The dresser was previously painted with latex. I sanded it down & I'm not sure where to go next. All of the large areas are now bare wood, but there is some latex left in the details.

I tried a small amount of enamel on the bare wood & it didnt look right-clearly needs a primer. Can I use a latex primer then paint with the enamel? I just started a "test piece" with Zinsser primer but havent laid the enamel over it yet.

So, can I lay the enamel over latex primer? What about getting an enamel primer? Should I maybe not be looking at enamel & go another direction?

This is my 1st time attempting this so any help is appreciated! Thank you!