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Thread: mold in grass

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    Default mold in grass

    the local nursery here in las vegas sold my wife some grass and told her it was ok to plant it in 115 degree weather grass died now they said theres mold that's why it died. any one ever heard of this ? and what is a good time to plant grass wether its seed are already grown and laid down

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    You can plant sod or in just about any weather/temperature, but it is critical that it is handled properly during that time.

    If you are in 115* weather, then your ground should have been completely prepped and fully saturated with moisture, that is to say, the ground should have been just shy of mud, dry and firm enough to walk on, before the sod arrived. The sod should have been freshly cut from the producers farm and laid as quickly as possible. The longer it sits on a pallet, the more stunted and prone to death it will be.

    I've never been a big seed person, it takes a whole lot more attention and trouble than sod. Sod is instant green, and as long as you prepped correctly, got fresh sod, and keep it wet, it's going to stay green. The yard is useable almost instantaneously, as opposed to seed that can take months to fill in to the point of being tolerant of even mild traffic.

    On your question of mold, if your sod did mold, it was likely moldy when you laid it, due to being rolled and day old. If this was the case, then the sod was too old to be used anyway.
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    Default Re: mold in grass

    From your posting I don't know if you had sod or seed, but it's not really important.

    At 115* there should not be any wet spots in your grass to allow the growth of mold, unless of course your irrigation water doesn't drain. And that brings you to the question of soil prep. Sometimes poor drainage can't be improved with good prep work. If this is the case in your yard, get the clue, and go with desert style landscape instead of green grass.

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