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    We just purchased a property in Greene, Maine and it has an 1800s Cape on it. We want to build new, but in looking at this house, we hate to just demo it We would love to see someone come and get it for reuse or rebuild It has been abandoned for approx. 10 years (except for the porcupines). Part of the first floor, floor is gone, but the remainder is in tact and the structure fairly true. (looks to be post and beam). Does anyone know of someone we could contact to take the house?

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    I would advertise in the local newspaper or call a house mover. I'm sure you'll get responses for a free house if they move it.


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    I am interested in the process of disassembly/reassembly of post and beam houses, including understanding the structural integrity of salvaged materials. Although I have restored for preservation purposes an 1830s house (in CT), gutting it to post&beam&sheathing, I have not worked on a disassembly/reassembly project. What might be a best start towards gaining sufficient knowledge and experience? If anyone has completed a similar project on their own and/or with the assistance from a volunteer crew (e,g barns), I would greatly appreciate the advice on project management considerations (including time and cost).
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