Hello all,

I am renovating a 40 year old house. I have ten wooden interior closet slat doors that need to be refinished and they have many coats of old paint on them. I started my prep of light sanding, and as I began, the top coat of paint began to peel under the sander. The paint was coming off in small to medium sized sheets.

It appears that the top coat(s) of paint is latex, and the bottom coat(s) is oil. I did the rubbing alcohol test and the top layer rubbed off, the bottom did not.

So my question is now that various surfaces are exposed all over these doors, some which is latex, and some which may or may not be oil, is there a primer that will seal both surfaces completely so that I can start from scratch? I would like my final topcoat to be latex.

Is a bonding primer recommended? I have also read about acrylic primers being good candidates to use over both oil and latex paint.

Thank you so much. Painting ten slat doors is hard enough...let alone the possibility of having to redo if they don't come out right the first time.