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    Default Re: New house and cracks already!

    Track the spread of the cracks;

    1- Number the cracks for reference. make a chart
    2- Take pictures. some close, some far away
    3- Measure the cracks length and width once a month always on the same day of the month
    4- Keep a written log of the cracks
    5- Buy calipers if you need to measure the cracks
    6- Use an old trick- place 2 stamps (the kind connected by perforations) one on each side of the crack to detect both horizontal and sheer movement.
    7- Draw a hash mark perpendicular across the crack to detect movement

    You may find;
    1- You're not paranoid
    2- There are seasonal changes
    3- You'll have proof for an engineer / lawyer aside from the "rantings of a crazy home owner"
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