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    Post Connecting two different kinds of wood floor?

    Took out the carpet of our newly purchased old home, parts of the pine floor are finished with the 1-2" boards, there is a section in the front part of the living room that has a much wider board and has not been finished. The two floors meet in a straight line. Can I just put wood dough or caulking of some sort in the seam, and refinish the whole floor to at least make the textures match? I can arrange the furniture to make the line not so obvious.FYI I have never redone a wood floor, and cannot afford to have the wood floor replaced to match the smaller planks, which is in excellent condition!

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    Wink Re: Connecting two different kinds of wood floor?

    If you use caulking you are going to have a mess when you sand the floor to re-finish it. I would suggest (since all the boards meet in a straight line) cutting a transition trough perpendicular to the other boards. I would use a 1x2 on each side and the other size flooring in the middle of the 1x2's so it doesn't look like a patch job. Then you can sand the entire floor and not worry. If you never have finished a floor, I would suggest getting help from someone who has or at least read up on it before renting equipment.


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    Default Re: Connecting two different kinds of wood floor?

    I agree with Calcats. When using a drum sander, you REALLY have to be careful. If you let it sit in one spot for a couple of seconds, it'll grind a divot into the floor that you'll have to do a lot of sanding to get rid of. Just the weight of the thing will push it down. Get it moving and don's stop until it stops spinning.

    Also, for the transition strips, you might try to get a little creative and use a piece of wood that is obviously a different species of wood than either side of the strip. It's going to show now matter what you do so why not make it look like an accent strip instead of a patch. Just a thought.

    Good Luck.

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