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    Question What is this cement trough in my yard?

    Any ideas on what could this be? It is located behind an 1850's farmhouse, and it is made of old cement. It measures 4 feet wide by 9 feet long by 5-6 feet deep. The walls are 5" thick, which makes the inside about 3'2" by 8'2". It is rounded at each narrow end.

    We have filled it in with dirt and turned it into a garden when we moved in, because it was too dangerous to have with little children around.

    Sorry, I tried to add pictures, but it keeps telling it's not a valid image file. I wil ltry to include a link to my Facebook photo album:

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    Default Re: What is this cement trough in my yard?

    Hello, I've just joined the forum and saw this post.

    My first thought was that the cement form was to outline an ornamental semi-formal bed, perhaps something like an herb or cutting garden. I've seen these types of formations in some formal gardens.

    My father was raised on a farm and he said it might also have been a horse trough. The container holding the water would have been "sunk" into the hole.

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    Default Re: What is this cement trough in my yard?

    Considering the depth I would say it was a lily pond.

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    Default Re: What is this cement trough in my yard?

    Possibly remains of an old cistern? Especially considering the age of the house. It seems too deep to be a mere decorative pond. In days of old, rainwater, with its inherent softness, was prized by housewives for laundry, hair washing and batheing..

    There is a line from the musical "The Music Man" where Professor Harold Hill is singing how you got "trouble'. One of the troubling situations is when "the cistern is empty on a Saturday night"! ( the real trouble was "the presence of a pool table in your town")
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