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    Question Dead Grass

    I planted seed on my existing grass back on April 1st. About 2 weeks or so after that I put down weed and feed for my grass. Then, on april 30th I cut my grass for the first time and then put down the weed and feed again. In a matter of 4 days, after alot of rain, I have patches of dead spots. What happened? Any information would be appreciated, since i'm not the master landscaper. thanks

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    It is my understanding that weed and feed can only be used once a year at the risk of "burning" your grass just like normal fertilizer. That may be what happened. For my spots that did not grow back after fertizling I bought a manual tiller (4 prongs on a handle essentially) and broke up the ground where the grass was dead, plus a little of the good grass around that. That seemed to stimulate the grass to grow back into that area, as almost all the spots I tilled have grown back in now.

    Hope that will help a little.

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