Hello Folks!

A lot of you are true experts and I really need some SOUND advice pronto, which is why I am asking my TOH friends.

I am a middle aged woman, single, with a VERY limited income. The past 5 years have been very bad for me as the economy took my job in 2008 and although I got another job 9 months later, at less than $9 an hour I am making very little. I can only hope that things will get better for me and hold on.

My house has lost a lot of paint and looks horrible and I have to get this fixed quickly. I am a believer in paint but it will be an expensive job. The original paint is in the grooves of the wood beyond a sc****rs reach and getting a painter to properly prep the house has been a joke.

Because of my age, condition, and income, I am seriously considering vinyl siding. I know, I know, it is blasphemy, but do I have any other choices?

So, what is MY best decision? Any tips or considerations? I appreciate any and all thoughts. Thanks.