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    Default raised line in paint

    After we patched drywall, we taped the seams and feathered drywall compound until it was smooth. We used kilz primer on the patched area. We then painted with an acrylic paint. After several weeks, we suddenly found a raised line in the paint, over the joint between the old drywall and the new piece of drywall. When we peeled the paint off, we expected to find a ridge in the mesh tape, but it is smooth. Can anyone help us figure out why the ridge developed in the paint? We don't want to repeat whatever mistake we made. Thanks.

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    Default Re: raised line in paint

    Hard to tell without pics.
    The thing that comes to mind is: maybe you used the wrong mud and the paper tape is drying underneath and showing.

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    Default Re: raised line in paint

    You shouldn't have been able to peel the paint off, but we'll get to your first problem;

    When 'feathering' old work to new, more often the mudded area needs to be very wide. This is hard to see when everything is matte, covered with dust, and the normal lighting isn't in place. Holding a trouble light at various angles sharp against the wall will show where more feathering needs to be done.

    2- Peeling paint is often a result of ;

    A- not removing the dust from the walls before priming
    B- not priming
    C- using a crappy primer
    D- not waiting long enough between coats
    E- over application of paint or primer (but rarely with primer)

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