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    ....because we're spoiled and have to keep up with the Jones'?

    It's all about choices. Can your kitchen look nice with laminate? Sure. Will it look nicer with granite or another solid surface? Most likely. Do you want to spend the money there? Maybe not.

    I had a cottage and went over the orange laminate with something more appealing. I could afford granite, but didn't want to put the money there.

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    Default Re: Granite or not to Granite$$$$

    Quote Originally Posted by Cougars1996 View Post
    A question to all those responding.
    Why not a good quality laminate?
    Sure, you have to be somewhat careful with it, but...
    Laminate counter tops are DIY.
    Laminate counter tops can be ordered with integral backsplash, drip edge and different edging on the front.
    Laminate is a fraction of the cost of any of the natural stones or artificial materials, and thus can be changed if desired based on style trends or personal taste.

    I am not against these other good quality materials, I just don't know why we never hear anything positive about laminate counter tops on this board much anymore.

    every product has its market. I do Laminate counter tops as well as granite, solid surface, and quartz surfaces. In my opinion I would rank granite number one, quartz surfaces number two, then solid surface followed by laminate. The reason I would rank them is how they hold up as well as if there is a problem how difficult they are to fix. There isn't much to go wrong with granite. quartz surfaces it takes a lot of heat on a regular basis to mess them up but it can and does happen. solid surface tops get messed up easy, they are basically a dense plastic. but they are relatively easy to fix. laminate tops aren't very expensive to replacement is usually the best option. all except granite will date a kitchen because colors and styles come and go. the granite is already untold thousands and perhaps more years old. so it is basically an installed antique.

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