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    Default Bown stains on exterior house surfaces

    I live in south Florida and we have had an unusually wet summer. This summer I have noticed brown stains developing on the eastern side of my house and mostly in areas protected from direct sun with either overhang or shrubs. It looks as if someone spit tobbaco juice or through feces against the wall. It is present on the paited stucco, wood surfaces and even the glass and metal surfaces of the entery lights. It will scrub off. It is mostly in blotches, but there are some trails also. It makes our entry way unsightly. I have seen no animal life on the wall. All surfaces were freshly painted 2 years ago with a high quality outdoor paint. I am not sure what is causing this and how to prevent it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Bown stains on exterior house surfaces

    My first thought was some form of mildew, but you say you see "trails" also. Suggest you go out at night with a flashlight and look of animal life such as snails or slugs. Although, slugs here in the NorthWest leave clear, slimey triails, but it seems Florica is always being invaded by some new foreign species of plants or animals.

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    Default Re: Bown stains on exterior house surfaces

    Did you notice this before the repaint 2 years ago? If so then it may be soimething under the paint leaching out. That may be solved with a shellac-based primer such as Kilz, BIN, or Zinnser then repainting. If it is something happening on the surface you have to find the cause and resolve it there.


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