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    Default Stone veneer over insulated concrete forms

    I plan to install natural stone veneer on the exterior walls of our basement. The basement is constructed with insulated concrete forms. Do I install plywood first, or just install expanded metal lath? If so, what is the lath secured with?

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    Default Re: Stone veneer over insulated concrete forms

    Metal lathe would need to be fastened into place.

    You'll fare well by heading on over to the John Bridge Tile Forum and starting a thread there. I seem to remember some manufacturer having a product for your needs but it escapes me.

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    Default Re: Stone veneer over insulated concrete forms

    You can apply expanded mesh lath over this using an appropriate washered fastener and standard fastener spacing. Just be sure that the mesh is held tight with no sags. There may be a better way but this is how I've always done it and seen it done. Ramset makes these fasteners for this purpose but I imagine you could use fender washers and tapcons if you wanted to do a lot of drilling!


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