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    Default Repairing stucco home coated by Thorocoat

    We purchased a stucco home that was coated by Thorocoat 10 years ago. Is is a very coarse/rough finish in a grey color. There are several hair line cracks that have started and I would like to seal them before they become larger. I used a clear silicone caulk on some of them which seems to work, however the silicone is "shiny" in the sun light, making the crack visable.

    Any recommendations on a sealant product to seal the hairline cracks without being so visable? (I dont want to paint the house)

    Thanks, Dan

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    Default Re: Repairing stucco home coated by Thorocoat


    The biggest problem now is that you used a silicon caulk. Nothing will stick to silicon, includiing more silicone!
    Try scrapping out the silicon, leaving no residue. The silicon residue will revent new caulk from adhering too.
    Replace with a quality acrylic caulk. Try getting one already tinted toward the desired color.

    If you can get ahold of some of the original Thorocoat product in the right color, that would be the best product to touch-up with. Otherwise, if you have a color sample, you can bring it to your local paint store and have it color matched in a flat acrylic housepaint. Then paint your caulking with a fine brush, trying to do the minimal to cover the caulk. The bigger the touch-up, the more likely it is to show up.

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    Default Re: Repairing stucco home coated by Thorocoat

    If you are going to repair the cracks by caulking you may want to look for this product.
    MOR - FLEXX Textured Caulk ( has a mortar texture ) There is about 8 Standard mortar colors.

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