I live in a 1920s house that is in one of our historic districts. The exterior walls of the house are composed of layers of wood siding, asbestos siding and steel siding on top which goes all the way to the ground (there are no masonary foundation walls except for a short wall of brick right at the ground level). Half of the basement floor is dirt and was not completely dug out but is sort of terraced all the way to the outside wall. The rest of the basement has a concrete floor with drains. The supports for the house are wooden posts that are checking and some that have been replaced due to what looks to me like old termite damage. In periods of rain, water runs from the front, street-level, end of the house through the dirt floor to the drains on the concrete part. There is minimal framing on the interior walls of the basement. The 2 exterior doors are 2 steps above the floor and are accessed by stacked cinder blocks which are wobbly and not safe. O.k., now here are my questions; 1. What is involved in adding steel support posts (I am assuming that would be a good idea?), 2. Would it be o.k. to seal off the dirt area of the basement with a wall or would it be better to dig that part out too and then pour a new concrete floor?, 3. I would like to add a stoop in front of the exterior doors so that it would be comfortable going out the doors with arms full of recycling, laundry, etc. Because of the dampness, I am thinking a poured concrete stoop, is that a good idea? I know this is a lot but I just do not know where to start. Any advice would be appreciated.