I bought my home about 11 months ago. I was in the garage yesterday and saw a sticker that said "Asbestos Cement Board" or something similar. It was in a kind of hard place to see, but when I looked around I saw two or three others that were in plain sight. I've been in my garage many times, but never noticed it before. I had a home inspection done. After doing some internet research, it seems the inspectors are reluctant to mention it. Some of it is understandable as it's under stuff where it would be impossible to know without ripping the stuff out, which the seller wouldn't want. Mine however was in relatively plain sight, but never mentioned.

I guess my question would be how concerned should I be about this? If I should be concerned, what are my options for dealing with it? Should I have it removed or can I seal off somehow? I don't spend a lot of time in the garage, other than getting in out of my car, and dragging my lawn equipment in and out. The cement board seems in relatively good shape, but there are a few spots where it's cracked or a chunk has fallen out. I don't think any of it happened while I've owned the home. My other question would be, if it's in my garage, how likely is it to be in my house. My house was built in the 1940s when this stuff was used widely. I don't think it's on any of the pipes for shielding as most are uncovered as far as I can see. Thanks for any help.