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    I have had my foundation repaired, twice. The company stood by their work and repaired it the second time. The walls are up to where they are supposed to be. the problem is the basement floor has broken away from the outer walls where the floor meets the wall. I now have a crack that runs from the garage into the finished basement. and has settled to the point of almost a 1/2 inch gap in the crack. My question: Can I have the floor that has broken away mud jacked up to the original position, with out having to tear it out and re-pour the floor. I do have a sump pump in that area of the floor. Would the injections effect the sump pump? I have heard about cement injection's that would hold the floor, in it's proper place. I read your magazine all the time and have never seen this type of question published. HELP!!

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    Call a few general contractors in your are to assess your situation and recommend repairs.
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    Since we don't even know where you live we can't answer.

    Call a few local contractors. usually the ones with the least or greyest hair.

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