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    Smile Terrazzo floors

    I recently purchased a classic 60's ranch and had the terrazzo floors restored. My floor man did a fantastic job, and my floors are beautiful. In the process of moving in the furniture, the floors have become scuffed. I remember a floor buffer my mom used on her hardwood floors to polish the floors back to a gleam after she waxed them. I know I can rent a buffer or call the company back to polish my floors again, but is there a buffer I can purchase for my home that is reasonably priced to do the job of polishing my beautiful terrazzo floors? Since this is all I want the buffer to do is to polish, my google search has me a bit confused as the buffers I have found sound like vacuums and mops/steamers.

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    Terrazzo is a specialty. The best ides is to call your floor guy back and get his advice. While he's there ask what you need to do for maintenance to prevent the problem from recurring.


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    What Phil said plus,

    the floors will get dulled traffic areas eventually. Can't stop that except to remove your shoes and not have pets. Re-polishing can be done on an annual basis.

    How much money you got?

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