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    Default Soil erosion along new concrete steps on slope

    We had new concrete front steps installed a few weeks ago. There are 10 steps running up the slope with bushes on both sides of the steps and pachysandra on the hill. We have had a few heavy rains since the installation and the water has run down the outer sides of the steps following the channels made by the wooden forms. The soil has eroded along the sides of the steps as well as underneath the outer edges of the steps about 6 inches in. How do I stop further erosion and fill in underneath the steps where the soil has washed away?

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    Default Re: Soil erosion along new concrete steps on slope

    You fight erosion in different ways. A good way is by vegetation.
    Temporarily, beck fill the missing dirt and then you can place sandbags at the top of the stairway and on the sides, to divert the rain water away from the new stairs.

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