I have plans to restart a new lawn this weekend and want to make sure I'm on the right track. I have killed all the existing grass (Bermuda grass and weeds) and it is nice and brown. I live in Kansas City and so far it looks like this weekend will be in the 90s and then start dropping to the 80s next week so hopefully the temp is right. My main concern is I want to do it his weekend on Sunday but I will be leaving town for about 3 weeks starting on the 13th of Sept, coming back on the 6th of Oct, Will watering twice a day for only 13 days be enough to get the grass started and then just hope it rains while we're gone? I would just set a timer to water the lawn with a hose attached sprinkler, but I only have 2 sprinkers and 2 hose and they would need to be moved to get to the whole lawn. Would it be ok to wait and plant the seed when we get back in Oct or it that too late?

I also wanted to know if you should automatically add lime to the soil or only if you know what the pH is? we did a test in the back yard and the pH is high, but I don't know if it is the same up front.