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    Default Balcony Floor Waterproofing over Garage

    On an older house (late 60s) had balcony re-surfaced on top of the garage (so it's important that it's waterproof). The contractor refinished it using a flat roofing roll material with little rocks on it that I've seen used for flat roofs, and the surround has tar goo to seal it... it seems kinda dumb to walk on rocky roofing material and drag all those crushed stones in the house.

    Is that a true that they use those materials back then? I was told that the contractor re-installed the same as original on their balcony??

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    Default Re: Balcony Floor Waterproofing over Garage

    What you have described is one way of doing a flat surface.

    Did you tell the roofer that you walk a lot on this balcony?

    If you agreed on this type of roofing material, if there are no leaks, this is what you have, and if you want to replace the finish, you will have to pay for a new roof.

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    Default Re: Balcony Floor Waterproofing over Garage

    Yep, what he said.

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    Default Re: Balcony Floor Waterproofing over Garage

    Based on your usage of this area, rolling out an area rug over it then storing it when you're finished may be an option. Otherwise you're going to have to do more building at more cost, as this kind of roofing isn't meant for constant use as a primary flooring surface.


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