I'm in the process of buying a house that needs a pool fence installed. I originally wanted to get a removeable mesh fence, but since the building inspector is not familiar with it, he won't guarantee that it will be approved. And the building inspector of a town where it has been approved won't return my calls.
So I thought maybe a vinyl fence, the problem is the cost of having it installed. I thought about installing it myself, but in reading about it there seem to be different ways to do it. The other problem is that one end would need to go in cement.
Can someone please walk me through how to install it? The pool is grecian shaped so 5 sides can go in the dirt outside of the concrete. What is the minimum distance the posts can be from the cement walkway? Does gravel go in the bottom of the hole? Should a 4X4, rebar or something else be placed in the posts? Should cement go up into the gate posts and corner posts?
For the 3 sides that have to go in cement, should a hole be drilled for a metal fence post and the vinyl fence post placed on top? How does it get held in? Or I saw a product meant for railing called an ultimount - would that be strong enough? How do you cut vinyl fence?
Sorry this is so long, but I want to be able to do it properly.