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    Default Vinyl siding over stucco?

    I have a block house with stucco. I live in NY and need to add some insulation. The house is small so I don't want to tear down all the interior walls to insulate that way. If the rooms were larger that would be my 1st choice.
    I have looked in to vinyl siding. Can put up say 3" of foam insulation on the stucco then the siding. I know the R value is not as high as it should be, but it's better than nothing. As it is now, the windows are set in about 3" already and with the siding/insulation they would be set in by at least 6". My options seem kind of limited. Is there any type of coating that you can put on stucco that would insulation it? Any other ideas? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Vinyl siding over stucco?

    Have you considered an EIFS (exterior insulated finish system) applied to the exterior. It's basically a synthetic stucco applied over foam that is attached to the existing exterior. 3" of polystyrene foam would give you another R-15 of insulation, which would be a big help.
    Of course adding 3+" means modifying doors, soffits & windows. The cost won't be cheap.
    Insulation in the attic is another thing to look at. A total of at least R-38 is usually recommended.

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    Default Re: Vinyl siding over stucco?

    Reducing the 'chimney effect' as much as possible will be a big help. Roof and floor air leaks are very important.

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    Default Re: Vinyl siding over stucco?

    The max thickness of EPS that can be applied on the substrate is regulated by building code.
    Check on your local code also check with your fire insurance company.
    Most areas will set the limit at 4 inches max for the substrate than allow thicker for bands & trim.

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