I'm trying to replace an older fan/light with a new fan/light but having problems with the old ceiling wiring. I usually write down how the wires are connected form ceiling to wires in old fan/light. But the ball of the fan hadn't been installed in the right mounting bracket so when I removed base the entire fixture came down. Here is the situation: there are 2 beige wires (I read where these might be called grayish-brown OR light yellowish gray), 2 black wires, 1 green wire (coming from the new mounting bracket) and 1 ground/bare wire coming from the ceiling. There are 1 black, 1 blue, 1 white (instruction book says common for fan and light kit), and 1 green (ground) coming from fan/light. Manual says to connect black & blue wire from fan/light to black wire from ceiling. When getting down old fan I did get to briefly see one of the specific black wires from ceiling was privously connected to black wire in old fan/light. However, this still leaves a 2nd black wire from ceiling that I did not get to see how it had been connected. Manual then says to connect white wire from fan/light to white wire from ceiling. But the closest to white are the 2 beige (grayish/brown or light yellowish gray) wires coming from the ceiling. So I connected the white wire from fan/light to the 2 beige wires from ceiling (wrong or right??). Next manual says connect green wire from fan, green wire from mounting bracket and bare wire from ceiling together, so I did that. This left me an unused black wire from ceiling. The previous fan/light had switch on wall to operate light & another switch on wall to operate fan. Obviously we want the new fan/light to function the same way. When I turned on switch on wall for fan, it started rotating, YEAH! When I turned on switch on wall for light they came on but were flickering, so I feel something is not right. I turned both switches off, taped over and told my daughter she'd have to use a lamp tonight until I could find out what I had wrong. I have put up ceiling fans before but was always able to right down all the connections prior to the fan/light coming down. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.