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    Default glass blocks in shower area

    hello I am in the middle of a remodel on my 114 year old house.
    I have a contractor working on the bath as I write...I am trying to just have a shower already spent 700.00 for a shower pan I now have found out I didn't really need..I could have tried a newer way to replace a shower pan...
    I want to have glass blocks only halfway down the 48nch pan and a height of this possibly? How does one attempt this? Do we frame it in then use the blocks is that safe?

    Help Im paying a plumber currently and I need some good advice.
    Thanks Paula

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    Default Re: glass blocks in shower area

    Yes, that's possible. I've installed something similar in the past.

    First finish the shower and everything else. Then you can work on the enclosure. These glass tiles are mortared into place and support each other very efficiently. And they look great too.

    Go to YouTube and watch some videos on this subject.

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    Default Re: glass blocks in shower area

    If you go to the glass block manufacturers web site, you will see plans for shower stalls using glass blocks. But to answer your question, you can either frame in the glass blocks with PVC lumber or you can use special cap blocks and corner blocks for your trimmed edges. The glass blocks for trimmed edges are much more expensive than regular glass blocks, and a corner block runs about $150 each. Makes the PVC lumber option look awfully good doesn't it?

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    Default Re: glass blocks in shower area

    Be sure to completely waterproof the shower before tiling or working with the glass block.

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