We live in a 100+ house in Central Illinois. We have lived in this house for 15 years and have made many improvements over this span of time. However, we have an area in the basement, which we call the "wine cellar", that we have used as a storage area and have ignored. With that, the previous owner had laid vapor barrier, particle board, pieces of vinyl flooring and a piece of carpet. Over the course of 15 years, this area has seen water that has trickled in somehow. We knew we needed to do something about this and just tackled this the other day. We have mold issues.... We removed everything except the vapor barrier, found the mold and cleaned that up somewhat well (wore N95 Mask). Sprayed bleach water all over and using a dehumidifier to dry it out. What can we do to fix this problem? We want to use this room for storage and put down a "floor", no concrete right now, and keep this as dry as possible. This room has the old brick foundation, which is need of mortar in various areas. Is using Drylock on the brick possible after repairing some of the brick?