I am renovating the basement in my home into a studio apartment. I decided to include a small, 20" wide stove as part of the kitchenette. I need to add a 220V outlet for the stove. I have avoided hiring a contractor for any of the work up to this point, and I can vouch for the sweat-part of the term "sweat equity". Would it be completely stupid-dangerous if I added a junction box on the same 220V line that serves the dryer? This would allow me to place an outlet at the dryer, and run another line (approximately 20-feet to the stove for an outlet? Without any real knowledge in this field, I would guess that neither of those appliances would be running at the same time? If they did, then the worst case scenario would be that the breaker would pop? Is this a solid line of thinking, or will I burn down my 1920's home if I proceed?

Thank you for any help you can offer that doesn't involve hiring someone!