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    Default Bathroom fixture replacement

    Our bathroom fixtures are an older set of fixtures but still work well. Is it possible to replace the **** colored metal parts of plumbing fixtures to oil rubbed bronze without replacing the entire fixture?

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    Default Re: Bathroom fixture replacement

    Do you mean the handles? sure you can replace them, just find new handles that fit the stem broach.

    However, I would replace the faucets, because: 1. It might be cheaper. 2. I will have new, trouble free fixtures.

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    Default Re: Bathroom fixture replacement

    They can be replaced if;

    1- You know the make and model of the fixtures

    2- The manufacturer still makes those in ORB

    3- You can find the ORB

    4- Its cost effective to buy the parts instead of replacing everything

    5- You can remove the old ones without damaging the valve body

    A little web searching should tell you this.

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    Default Re: Bathroom fixture replacement

    With dj1 on this. New fixtures will be faster, easier (with the right tools) and better plus give you more style options to choose from. Never use cheap faucets- I like Moen, avoid Koehler.


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