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    Default repainting metal kitchen cabinets

    How do I prepare metal kitchen cabinets for painting?

    What type of paint should I use?

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    Default Re: repainting metal kitchen cabinets

    make sure all gloss is deglossed with either a liquid deglosser to be found at any paint store or big box....or sand with a 150 or 220 grit paper. Wipe clean.
    Use a a good primer ...then lightly sand primer with a 220 grit paper...wipe clean with water and dry good
    with paper towels..and top coat with 2 coats of a good top coat.

    If the cabs were originally painted with oil I'd use an oil primer for sure rather than latex and oil top coats. Paint THIN coats only.
    Check with your local paint store as to any new good products for latex primers for your situation if your not sure if you have oil or latex on there originally.
    Benjamin Moore used to carry a GREAT primer they discontinued for some reason that was a latex primer that worked on ANYTHING!
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    Andy is obviously a very smart guy with good advice. The only thing that I'd suggest (and this is a stretch) is to spray paint them. This may sound silly, but I've made a cheesy looking but useful outdoor spray booth with some 2x2's and drop cloths for walls plus a box fan on the downwind side. Sounds dumb, works pretty well. Just wait for a calm day, assuming that time and weather are in your favor.

    Have fun.

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